Learn About The Different Types Of Roofs For Your Portland Home

It’s Important To Learn About The Different Types Of Roofs Before You Make A Decision

Are you about to put a new roof on your home? What type of roof do you currently have? Maybe you’re thinking ahead, and that would be a good idea. You might want to change your roofing type next time around, and to do that, you need to be very familiar with the types of roofs that there are. Even if you choose roofing shingles, there are choices. You want to know the benefits, costs, cons and more so that you can make the right decision.

Let’s definitely explore the most common types of roofing materials first. That means the list starts with asphalt shingles. You might also hear about this type of roofing being called composite shingles. The reason you hear them also referred to as composite shingles is because asphalt only makes up the top coating of granules. The shingles have an underside or base made of fiberglass.

With these shingles being the most common type of roofing, you can probably guess that they are the cheapest. You might also think that they don’t last near as long, which might not be so good. Yet, tons of people choose them, and you might be surprised to find out that they up to 30 years. Not all of the shingles available are going to come with a 30 year warranty though.

Now, this next type of roofing you might not have heard about. Are you familiar with what is called rolled roofing? This isn’t the type of roofing that you’re going to want to put on your home. It does make a decent type of roofing material for other structures though that you might have like a shed or something. Let’s get back to roofing materials for your home though.

Metal roofing types are popular, and the only thing is you’re going to have to pay more for them. While you might not be considering your roofing project to be a do-it-yourself project, you should realize that metal roofing would definitely not be something you can do yourself. This is a type of roofing that requires experienced professionals. As for more benefits of metal roofing, it is supposed to last longer and be environmentally friendly.

There are other roofing options as well, but different metal roofing types and shingle types are going to be the likely choices of most people these days. However, are you familiar with slate roofing? Slate is definitely one of the most expensive choices, but you’re talking about a stone roofing material. Yes, that means a warranty that is practically unmatched by any other.

When choosing from among the different roofing materials, think about maintenance and weigh out the costs and advantages. You want to consider where you live in regards to the roofing needs for your home, too. This means you need to think about climate, environment and just simply what the people in your neighborhood might be choosing. What type of roof are you going to put on your home next?

You can learn much more by contacting your local roofing contractor. In Portland we recommend Dial One Roofing. Their BBB profile.

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